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Why Being Yourself Will Give Your Greater Success?

Because of the societal pressure, many people pretend to be someone else in order to feel more accepted. However, that is a trap and you should always stay the way you are. It will help you to become more successful in life. Here’s why you should always be yourself for greater success:

1. Pretending to be someone else never really works: The main reason why you should always be yourself is because pretending to be someone else never really pays off in the long term. In order to become a better and successful person, you have to change yourself and not pretend like one.

2. Earn Respect: When your co-workers and your friends see that you are always staying true to yourself, then they will respect you even more. Many people under pressure try to change the way they are. However, being true to yourself even in difficult circumstances is a very rare trait and people will respect you even more for that. And when you get the respect of others, it is much easier to get success.

3. More focused: When you are being yourself, it will be possible for you to stay more focused on your goals. A person who is always trying to keep up with the expectation of others will never manage to stay focused. And when you stay focused, you are more likely to achieve your targets.

4. You will feel better: You will also feel much better if you stay true to yourself. When you are pretending to be someone else, you will always have to live under the fear that you will get caught someday. You will also fear that if people find out who you really are, they will not like you anymore. However, when you are being yourself, there is no such worries. You won’t have any pressure to behave in a certain way. All you have to do is just follow your instincts.

5. Improve your social skills: If you think that you are socially awkward and you are pretending to act like an extrovert so that others like you, then that is a huge mistake. When you pretend to be like someone whom you are not, people will actually find you more awkward. And good social skills is very important to achieve success in life.

6. Will make you more creative: When you dig deep into yourself, you will find out more about you and what you like. You will become more creative. However, if you are wearing the mask of someone else, even you won’t be sure who you really are. You will never be able to find out about yourself and where your interests truly lies.

7. Avoid depression: Even if you are pretending to be someone else, the truth will come out eventually. People will get to know who you really are and when that happens, you will suffer the most. Your friends will move on and they will find new friends. Your family will also understand that you were just going through a phase. And as long as you manage to do your job well, your colleagues will also accept you. But it will be you who will suffer the most. Depression will slowly creep in and you will think yourself to be a loser. Once you reach this phase, it will be extremely difficult to get success in life.

8. Strong friendship: In order to become good friends with someone, the both of you must connect with each other. And that is only possible if your friend knows the real you. If you are pretending to be someone else, he or she will never get to know who you really are. Thus, you are denying yourself the opportunity to make true friends. The right person will always like you, no matter who you are.

9. Stay happy: You might think that going on with the crowd and agreeing with most people will make you feel more accepted. But that is not true. Just stand up for your values and what you believe in. As long as you’re happy and nobody’s getting hurt, that is all that matters. Don’t worry about what others think of you. You were not born to please someone else. Just be yourself and live a happy life.

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