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How to quit a job you hate?

Quit from Bad Jobs - Eugenio D Leo

Would you ever want to torture yourself every day?

Would you want to push yourself over the limits every day?

Would you want to wake up every day and go unwillingly to work?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then my friend, YOU NEED TO QUIT YOUR JOB. There is absolutely no point in going to work every day and hating it. There is no point in torturing oneself and continuing with a job that you do not like. However much the company pays you, if you hate it you hate it. There is no second option about it and no need to go there every day and curse yourself.

However, the biggest mistake that employees do is not resign but waits to get fired. This is absolutely wrong and incorrect. A firing will reflect badly on your resume, it will pull it down. A firing letter will stain your entire reputation. Therefore the best way is to resign. But the question then arises how does one resign gracefully without a bitter moment?

Before trying to find the bitter moment, there is always space and place to fix a problem. See if things can be mended, see if there is a solution, see if the problem can be solved. Usually at work, our minds make up most of the issues, when in actuality they do not even exist. Therefore, think it through, it is a big decision to one fine day simply leave your job. Hence, rethink your decision and try to change it if possible in any way. If not, then the only option is for you to move a separate path.

One very important thing that you must do is have a game plan. Usually people just rush into resigning from a job and then they have to sit idle for a good 6 months or even more. Do not do this stupidity. Rather make sure you have another job, a backup plan, a business idea or an admission in a university before you think about leaving your job and moving on. a game plan will also provide you the idea of how to go about and talk to your boss and tell them that you plan to quit. If you are simply exhausted of your job and there is no other option, then perhaps you can simply quit without a backup, however a backup in any case also serves well.

If you are uncomfortable at your job and want to leave, then simply walk up to your boss and say it out clear to him. Do not worry if you will hurt their feelings or they shall bear a grudge against you. It does not matter. What matters is you, your life and your satisfaction at work. Therefore, pick up the courage and go talk to your boss and tell them that you have decided to part ways and move on.

Once you have informed your boss or line manager about it and have discussed it with them then email the HR department of your company. Usually what happens is that line manager’s sweet talk us and convince us to stay on the job and that they will add in more benefits to our package. If this is what you wanted then well done, mission accomplished. But if you are truly tired of the place then you tell them that this is your final decision. Therefore, pick up your belongings and email the HR department about your resignation.

Once you have resigned, be careful of the company’s policies. Usually companies require that you work for some time on a notice period. If you are a good human being and a well bought up, you will work hard till the last day. Better still, if the company has hired a replacement for you, then you train that replacement and polish them as best as you can. It is the least you owe to the company. Many people in their notice period do not work, which is not only unfair but also unethical. Therefore, be different and show to the company that you do care, even if deep down you do not.

Just because you are walking away and parting ways with your company does not mean you burn all bridges and go. The least you can do is organize a lunch for all your colleagues, or a small party, or at the very least a card and say thank you to all those who contributed in your growth in some way or the other. This nice gesture will make sure that they remember you in kind words always.

On your last day, say a few good things about your line manager, your boss or the people you interacted with. This will pull off a good impression on the person replacing you. This way they will also respect you and the line manager will feel really sorry for letting you go. It is always advised to leave on a good note. There is no point in fighting and ridiculing the people who you sent the last couple of months or years with. Therefore put on a smile for another day and walk with your head high.

Always remember to put your dreams and goals and aspirations above all. It is you who matters, what you want to do, what you want to accomplish. Therefore, do not think your resignation will ruin the company, people move on but life goes on. Therefore, be sure that the step that you intend to take at least does well for you and benefits you.

Leaving work is not a new or an impossible thing that you are doing. However the way you do it, reflects on you and your upbringing. Giving the company time to find a replacement for you, giving the company space to accept and let you go and your attitude throughout your notice period is also important. Just because you have resigned does not mean you break the company’s walls or backbite about it, but rather feel good about your next decision. Also training your replacement in the best possible way without any shortcuts is an obligation that you owe to your company. Hence do not be smug about leaving your old job but rather be good and play nice.

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